Fire Retardant Paint and Intumescent Paint For Wood

Shop our range of fire retardant paints and intumescent paint for wood today. Keep you and everyone else safe with fire retardant coatings. They can slow the progress of fires in the case of an emergency, giving people vital minutes to escape or fight the fire. Fire retardant paint will not stop a fire dead in its tracks, but it will slow its progress. These paints are usually used in larger, commercial projects however they are of course suitable to use in smaller scale jobs such as homes, small shops and wherever you want to offer yourself better fire protection.

When deciding whether you need to use fire retardant coatings for your project, you need to understand the legislation behind the laws. It is different to intumescent paint for wood which foams and gives an insulating layer from heat to save the structure of the building. We have more on that below.

Amotherm Wood 451 SB

Extremely hard, coloured, dual-component solvent-based polyurethane fire-proofing treatment for wood.

Basecoat 5 + 2.5 Kg, 10+ 5 Kg
Topcoat 2.5 + 2.5 Kg, 5 + 5 Kg, 10 + 10 Kg

Certifications: Rated class B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1

Tested according to EN 13823 and EN 11925-2

Amotherm Wood 450 SB

Extremely hard, transparent, dual-component solvent-based polyurethane fire-proofing treatment for wood.

Basecoat 5 + 2.5 Kg, 10+ 5 Kg
Topcoat 2.5 + 2.5 Kg, 5 + 5 Kg, 10 + 10 Kg

Certifications: Rated class B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1

Tested according to EN 13823 and EN 11925-2

Retardant Paint vs Intumescent Paint

This is a subtle but key difference you need to understand when searching for the correct coating for you.

Intumescent paint for wood creates a barrier against the flames, commonly applied to steel, plasters and timbers. They work by creating gas bubbles when the flames hit them. These bubbles form a charred looking layer that means the fires spread is slowed and it takes longer for it to reach steel or timber at the base. These paints are often rated for an amount of time they will offer fire resistance.

Fire retardant coatings work differently, by slowing the spread of a fire on a timber surfaces. This happens by the paint forming a layer over the timber surfaces that prevents oxygen from fuelling the fire. They are best used on timber as they make it much less flammable. Fire retardant paint is best used where time is of the essence to escape a burning factory, shop or building in general.

Buying Guide

Read our guide for everything you need to know about buying fire retardant paint. Find out just what you need to know when looking to improve the safety of your building and get it up to the correct fire regulations.

People are not aware of the safety benefits that fire retardant paint can offer them and the overall reassurances that this will bring to them. The process of applying fire retardant paint is not that difficult.

We have a variety of options for you to choose from when buying fire retardant paint, but first we think you should read our guide to help you find the ideal paint for your task.

What is it?

This is a special type of paint that is designed to protect buildings from damage during a fire. It slows a fires spread and keeps it structurally sound. Sounds good, but why does this actually matter? This means that in the event of a fire, occupants will get a longer time to get, safe and up to date with fire regulations. It may even save the building from severe damage, letting ambulances and fire brigades arrive.

It works by reacting with the heat of the fire. When the heat hits the fire retardant paint, it causes a reaction that makes the paint foam up to offer fire protection. The foam can be anything up to 50 times thicker than its initial form. This will protect your building from structural damage and slow the spread.

What to Look For

Fire retardant paint comes in a variety of forms and looks, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. You will need to know what will work best for you. When buying fire retardant coverings from us we do point out that it is suitable for timber surfaces.

How To Apply

Fire retardant coatings should always be applied following what the manufacturers guidelines. They understand the product best and know what needs to be done to get the best results. Generally this will be a spray application.

These paints usually require a special base coating from the same manufacturer, thus giving you max fire protection. Follow the guidelines to the letter for the application of the basecoat and topcoat. The topcoat can be in a variety of finishes and looks letting you find the perfect look for your plan.

Doing this simple steps could be the difference between life or death in some instances. Hopefully though it will only be the difference between peace of mind and anxiety. If you have any other questions about buying fire retardant paint just get in contact.

In order to get the best results that you can. If you apply fire retardant coatings improperly, it may not provide the expected and necessary fire protection to keep you safe. Read on to see how to apply fire retardant paint.

Do I Need a Specialist Applicator?

Depending on the product, you may not need a specialist applicator. This could save you money on smaller projects and provide the fire protection necessary. However, if you are working on a larger area or in a commercial environment you will need to get a professional applicator to ensure quality work and a spray application is much faster than brush application.

The correct application will provide you with proper fire protection and reduce the chance for a fire spreading. To get a look like the professionals you will need to undergo the correct procedures. Mix your fire resistant paint thoroughly, prep the timber surfaces as best you can and be patient in your applications – thin insulating layers are best. This is why a spray can be best.

Professionals use sprayers to give a quality vinyl matt finish to their work. These are expensive however and may not be accessible to many. In this instance it may be best to call in a professional, they have the knowledge and ability give you the safety you need.

You will also have to remember the environment that you are applying the paint in. This will effect curing time and drying times. Check with the manufacturer to see what are the minimum temperatures necessary for the correct application. Ideally, the temperature should be above those both ambiently and for the timber surfaces itself. Some paints may need longer than you expect to to cure so make sure to factor this into your application process. Also remember, some applications are spray only.

Understand What Intumescent Paint For Wood You Need

All intumescent paint for wood comes with their own unique use cases. If working with wood, you will need to find paint that works with it. Then you have to ensure it works internally or externally. Once you have done that you have to be sure that you are able to apply it correctly and that it has the correct safety application for your needs. Spray application is usually best. Check our buying guide to get the best coating.

Any fire resistant paint will come with a designation for burn time. These will be different for different substrates so be sure to check. One coating can have a variety of burn times for different surfaces. These come in a variety for forms that usually denote 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes of burn time before they stop being effective.

These burn times can be the difference between life and death for those who are facing down the fire. Fire retardant coatings provide a very passive and non intrusive way of keeping your building surfaces safe. They will add critical time to your extremely flammable wooden surfaces. Get in contact today to find the fire retardant coatings that is right for you.

All You Need to Know

Fire protection actually involves a fair level of science behind it. A real fire is a result of combustion, which is a kind of chemical reaction. Which means that oxygen and some sort of fuel react together and it comes with an irreversible rearrangement of the atoms. For this to take place, the fuel has to should reach its specific ignition temperature. So long as there exists enough oxygen, heat, and fuel, the combustion continues. Those three elements are usually known as the fire triangle.

The combustion process, which is actually a special form of chemical reaction, is visibly seen such as fire. Even when you were unaware of some of this there exists one basic reality that you almost certainly know: fire burns wood. Wood is actually a flammable material. After all this, we utilize it for bonfires. However, what happens if it was actually easy to make wood fire resistant? It genuinely can be achieved! To actually appreciate this, we should refer once more to the fire triangle. As a way to put out a fire, one of several fire triangle’s three elements has to be eliminated. For instance, every time a fire has run out of fuel, it smoulders out.

Every time a fire cools down it is going to wind up going out mainly because it lacks heat anymore. The fire will suffocate when there is no oxygen. This is why putting a lid across a candle will extinguish the flame quickly.

Fire is obviously dangerous to surfaces constructed from wood. When you have any wood that you would want to protect against fire, like a wooden shed or fence, it can be worthwhile to confirm how it might be made more fire-resistant. Our website has an entire section dedicated to fire-retardant products which are specially manufactured for wood surfaces.

It is essential to keep in mind that although the products will never offer complete fire resistance, they will likely provide enough fire resistance in order to extinguish flames quickly before it has an opportunity to spread. Even just a couple of minutes difference could be significant while you are looking to put a fire out and prevent the harm from spreading to other surfaces. When a wide open flame strikes the treated surfaces, the retardant will self-extinguish fires pyrolytically by using a minimum volume of smoke. This is certainly incredible.

Our recommendation is that you look through our website to get the best fire resistant paint that you are interested in. Although we cannot ensure it is 100% impossible for fire to light your wood, our products will significantly increase the level of reaction time you possess for handling fire hazards.

The Main Benefits

Using fire retardant paint may be an extremely good plan. Therefore if that is something you are interested in we can help you understand why. Using fire retardant coatings either in a commercial or residential space offers numerous advantages. The subsequent are among the top reasons:

1. Fire retardant paint will provide you with more time. It doesn’t extinguish a fire the way sprinklers can. However, coating burns and burns, and is not going to let the flames advance over to another beam or wall. Fire resistant paint releases a flame dampening gas as a response to intense heat. That contributes to delaying the spread of your flames by 30 to 120 minutes. Any additional time will give you the chance to put out the fire or exit your building before it becomes completely engulfed in flames.

2. An insurance discount is offered. Nobody wants the structure to burn down, this includes your insurance provider. The truth is, fire retardant coatings could very well save your insurance provider. Therefore, they may willingly incentivise you to select that option. Fire retardant coverings contributes to cheaper insurance claims. These savings will probably be passed onto customers by some insurance carriers by giving you a price reduction on the insurance premium. The specific amount that companies or homeowners can save varies between insurance firms, so be sure to consult with your insurer to discover what savings they have.

3. It will also help to save lots of lives. Not only is property destroyed by fires. Unfortunately, a lot of people die in fires too. Take into account that flame retardant adds an additional 30 to 120mintues just before the area could be fully engulfed by flames. Considering that the spread of flame is slowed down with the paint, it gives occupants within a company or home a chance to escape the property. That could significantly lower the chance that lives are going to be lost. Moreover, it gives additional time for your flame department to arrive at the property and help people from the building should they have been trapped inside.

4. It could be placed on just about anything. One of the better reasons for having fire retardant paint is the fact it works extremely well on numerous surfaces. The paint can be used everywhere. It might be used on numerous substrates. Applying fire retardant paint to ceilings, beams, and walls is known as one of the most effective methods which are on the market today to stop flames from spreading further.

Does fire retardant paint wash away?

The best way to shield a surface, either residential homes or commercial buildings, from becoming engulfed in flames is to use fire retardant paint. Fire retardant paint works extremely well both outdoors and indoors.

A surface, particularly those outdoors, usually get wet. Say you want to paint your deck as you want to reduce any risk of fire from spreading in your home. Sooner or later, it will rain. Will all of your current efforts be washed away? Certainly not!

Every brand name and form of fire retardant paint may have different specifics. While you are buying fire retardant paint, try to find a response to this particular question on every product. You will see that it will not wash away or re-emulsify with rainwater. You need to desire to use waterproof paint whether it will likely be utilized in areas which get wet.

EI Coatings specialises in numerous specialty chemicals, including fire suppressants and fire retardants. We certainly have solutions to your concerns! We are going to gladly answer your fire retardant paint questions, specifically whether it is going to wash off. Our mission is to give the best fire protection to work with, meaning a retardant which will be effective both today plus last for several years in most weather.

Do They Have To Be Re-applied?

Whether you wish to keep your residential home in top condition or are accountable for an industrial property, you have to address fire protection. Fires can happen instantly. However, fire retardant will be sure that the flames either grow slowly so that you have plenty of time for you to react or. Is painting or a spray on fire retardant paint something you only need to do once? Or can it expire and have to be maintained. Before you go further, first, let’s discuss what fire retardant really is.

What is it?

A lot of people might think that the easiest way to fight a blaze is to try using water. However, that may be untrue. Water is simply reactionary. Therefore you notice a fire and spray or pour water onto it. Being proactive and preventing a fire from growing out of hand before a fire even begins is a significantly better solution. It is exactly what a fire retardant does.

This particular substance is commonly used to prevent or decelerate a fire’s spread or decrease its intensity. It is actually commonly achieved by chemical reactions that lower fuel flammability or delay its combustion. The fuel can even be cooled by fire retardants through endothermic chemical reactions or physical action. Fuel, heat, and oxygen are typically referred to as fire triangle. One of those particular elements is taken away by fire retardants so the fire either is not able to thrive or doesn’t even start.

Do they expire?

Unopened retardant containers may last for quite a few years. So it might be helpful to buy a lot then make use of it across the next few years on everything.

Fire retardants can be found as spray on coating at the same time to make use of objects like furniture, walls, and beams. Now all you have to do is buy online to locate a fire retardant. Our mission is to give the best fire protection for your needs. This means fire retardant coating are a long-lasting and effective. So simply hope you are never confronted by a fire. Ready your commercial property or home in ways that everyone’s safety factors are ensured.

How Intumescent Paint for Wood Works

Are you wondering how fire resistant paint works? In this piece below, we will look at just what fire needs to spread and how a coating can combat that. Understanding these points lets you take control of your environment and keep everyone a little bit safer.

If all three are let run unchecked, then the fire can run riot and cause severe damage. In a situation where a building catches fire and it spreads to the rafters, the building may collapse or be beyond repair. This flame can spread beyond this too, going from building to building. Not only is there the material cost in a situation like this, but the risk of injury and death to people. This risk can be reduced in a number of ways. One of these is by using fire retardant paints. This could give you valuable time in a moment, saving materials, buildings and most importantly lives.

How it works

So, you’re probably asking how do flame retardant coatings work? Well, it works by removing one side from the triangle. In this case, fuel. It adds an extra insulating layer for the flame to get through that drastically slows its spread and gives vital minutes for people to escape and get free from danger.

This can work in a number of settings – both internal and external. Fire resistance paint can be bought for a number of surfaces, from wood to steel and fabric. They can provide critical moments in time for you to escape and save yourself and others. Order your flame retardant paint today to give you and yourself a much safer environment and surface.

Exterior Fire Retardant Paint

The risk of fire damage to any building with a large amount of timber is high. The fire will quickly burn through the building causing irreversible damage. If you have a timber surface exterior or any cladding, then you need to consider some sort of exterior fire retardant paint. Read on to see how you can deal with the risk of fire to your exterior.

Fire retardants reduce the speed a fire can spread by reducing the speed that it can access a fuel source at. In this case, the fuel source would be your wooden exterior. Fire retardant paint can give you valuable minutes to escape the fire and get to safety. Fire retardant paints are perfect for this. Some coating will even allow you to add other coatings on top of them to give you the perfect finish and look that you want on the surface.

Without a proper coating, burning timber surfaces can cause lots of smoke which is just as dangerous as a fire in the event of the worst happening. Fire retardant paints make the fire and tonnes of smoke far less severe. They won’t even ruin your perfect finish, they can be used with an array of coatings, stains and other coating to give you the look you want.

You can add this coating yourself, but to ensure the product is correct for your use and up to safety regulations we would recommend a professional. They know what would work best for your project. You will want a coating that can deeply penetrate into the wood, letting the coating last a long time. If the coating is only on the surface it will be easily removed by wear and tear or weather rendering it useless. If you are confident in the application you can do it yourself, even if it is spray.

Fire Protection Paints

Not only can you get paint that soaks into the wood, you can get a coating that is designed to sit atop the wood. Once again, check to be sure it meets you requirements. Fire protection paint is intumescent paint. When fire comes near the paint, it will expand and protects the wood from heat and oxygen. This removes two sides of the fire triangle.

This coating also allows you a lot of control. The minimum a coating last for when applied correctly is 30 mins, all the way up to 120. A coating can be used internally and externally, but you may need a special basecoat or topcoat. If you are looking for an extra insulating layer of fire protection then fire retardant paint and coating are the way to go. Any questions, just get in touch!


Do you have any questions about our fire retardant paint? Read our list of of FAQs to answer all of your questions.